This wiki contains tips and resources to get you started with web development.

It also serves as an unofficial wiki for resources needed for the DBC prep work.

Start Here (DBC prep)Edit

These are the first things you should do:

Moving on (Extra work, but will be needed at some point)Edit

Once you feel like you got your bearings with the above, you can continue with these:

Other PrepsEdit

  • FlatIron Prep - Similar to the DBC prepwork, a bit broader in scope

Socrates (60 days pre-DBC)Edit

  • Invites will be sent to Socrates 60 days before DBC
  • Two dozen fun exercises on Socrates + Ruby Labs
  • A bunch of sign-ups required: Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Hacker News, Gravatar
  • Couple other books to read (will be mentioned in Socrates)

Phase Assessment PreparationEdit

Study tips, checklists, and advice on passing DBC phase assessments. A great guide for identifying your personal study plan.

  • Phase I : Basic Ruby, how to think and communicate like a programmer, Database and ActiveRecord.
  • Phase II : How the web works, MVC, and front end development, HTML CSS and JavaScript.
  • Phase III : Putting these all together through the Rails framework and building an original APP from scratch! Good wholesome family fun!

Programming ExercisesEdit

For FunEdit

Additional ResourcesEdit


Get involvedEdit

Head over to the Bucket page. There you will find disorganised links and materials that are being proposed for inclusion in this wiki.