You have a bazillion choices here. But the basic idea is to have something a bit more powerful than notepad...

Sublime Text 2 Edit

Unless you really like vim, this is the one to go for. I think this is also the editor we will be using at DBC. Sublime will cost you $$$ for extended use, but some people say that you can just get used to the banner that comes up occasionally in the "unlimited trial". It's your choice anyway.

Some resources to get you started:


If you're really serious about editing your text, you should learn Vim. It has a hell of a learning curve, but once mastered it is one of the fast, flexible, most robust and just plain awesome editors around. Oh, it's free software (GPL) and runs on every OS you can possibly dream of.

Note: before starting to learn vim you should have learned to touchtype


  • Win - I don't know
  • Mac (with homebrew) - brew install vim macvim
  • Ubuntu - apt-get install vim vim-gtk

First StepsEdit

After you have installed vim you shuould:

Increasing your Vim-FuEdit