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Touch typing is one of first skills you should acquire if you are serious about developing software.

Coding Horror has a wonderful article about how, by being a proficient typist, you can focus on your ideas, without wasting your time trying to find all the funky characters you'll need to code it up.

For starters, you should aim to type at at least 40 wpm (words per minute).

Typing without looking will later allow you to move on to more ninja tools lik vim. But don't worry about that now.

Free ResourcesEdit

  • - See how fast you can type code in a number of programming languages!
  • - A free (and really good) typing practice web application (flash required). Spend a little bit here every day and you'll become a master in no time!
  • - Another free web application, similar to, but this one has lessons, teaches how to place the fingers on the keyboard and has a lesson for each new finger/key combination.
  • Ratatype - Another web application, with lessons and a more polished interface.
  • GNU Typist - A command line typing application. Hardcore, but reccommended [ installation ].
  • Type Fu - Mac and Google Chrome app. Practice the 5000 most common words in English. Mildly reccommended, but very easy to set up. (Mac version is $$$).